This is your place to provide feedback to your Board Members and your neighbours.



12 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. D.J

    For what it’s worth. Parking permit,Dowanhill area ? On renewing my parking permit I was informed by a staff member in the City Chambers that my permit allows me to park in the Yorkhill area and Partick area also.
    Word of warning check out the plates on the poles on the pavements as to what part of Partick and Yorkhill one is allowed to Park.


    1. Nancy Ferguson

      Green bin collections:

      Hopefully the comment made by one of the cleansing operatives this morning (Friday 18 Oct) is not indicative of an expectation that refuse is to he presented in the Lane for uplift .

      I was assured previously that the status quo would prevail in terms of collection from bin stores at chute locations .

      There are new teams in operation, and it is only a comment made today which has been contrary to anything that has been said before.

      I have been regularly contacting The Western Depot at Kelvinhaugh St, regarding missed bin collections or about the garden door not being locked after the bins are uplifted.

      I shall be contacting the Depot this time to clarify that there is no change to the current uplift arrangements.

      I will update when I know any more.

      Meantime, I suggest we should assume things are continuing as before.


  2. Julianna

    Watch out the letter headed
    Hi Kew Terrace Neighbour!
    is fraudulent….I think.
    Similar letters are in circulation in other areas and I’ve heard rumours about these.
    I wouldn’t join up..!

    Also, I thought I’d mention the ‘GO Glasgow’ app. It’s a pretty efficient tool to quickly report issues like overflowing bins/litter. Once you’ve downloaded it, I think you’ll find it really simple to use. It enables you to take photos which can be sent directly to the department responsible.


  3. Hi Folks,

    Regarding Julianna’s message about the invitation to sign up to “NEXTDOOR” a ‘free private online network’, I have now received the invitation by post ; it comes from one Gemma Cairns of Bowmont Terrace and is specific to Nextdoor Dowanhill. If you Google ‘Nextdoor’ and go to the Wikipedia site, you will see that it is a mullti-million dollar company with its head office in the USA and an international reach. There is sufficient info there to help you decide whether or not you should join.
    Your response to this message is most welcome.



  4. Julianna

    Hi, just wondering if anyone else is having problems with general waste collection. The bin men used to access our bin chute/cellar area and take the bins through the garden to the bin lorry. Now it seems that with allocation of new wheelie bins, we’ve to take the bins out to the lane ourselves. Good to hear your feedback.


    1. Nancy

      Hi Julianna

      I’ve posted something to say this hopefully is a “one off remark” . I’ll follow up with a Supervisor at The Western Depot , and feed back once I get a response.
      I know you too are keeping ‘tabs” on things.
      There have been so many ongoing issues with the uplifts, and the recent introduction of new teams will no doubt take a bit to settle down; however we do want to ensure the service picks up.
      Thanks for raising the issue and pointing me in the direction bit the KTA website.


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