Info and Contacts

Useful numbers

Water       0800 0778 778

Gas       0800 111 999

Electricity       0800 092 9290

Glasgow City Council:

(Main switchboard)       0141 287 2000

(Waste collection)       0141 287 9700

(Council Tax)       0141 287 5050

(Parking)  0141 287 4040

Maryhill Police Station       0141 532 3700


Useful Information

Painting : Glasgow City Council Planning Department has stipulated the colour of paint to be used if/when the front courtyards and front basement walls are painted. Sandtex Smooth Base 920 “Woodsmoke” BS 08-B-17 would be suitable.

Parking : An annual parking permit for up to 2 cars registered at your home can be purchased for £85 each : this allows parking in in Dowanhill (including Byyyyyers Road). No paper permit is issued; rather, your car registration number is checked by the parking officers. You can download the application form from:   It is important to note the date of expiry of your annual  permit as no reminders for renewal are issued. Visitor Vouchers can be purchased on line (£2 for each morning, afternoon, evening) by completing and submitting the on-line form ; in a few days yo will recieve a telephone request for payment.  Alternatively, there are meters at each end of the Terrace.  Parking in the lane is prohibited on Fridayys when refuse is collected.

It has now emerged that your permit will allow free parking in ANY “W3” area (eg Partick). Just check that you see W3 on the parking signs.

Permit 1

Refuse Collection : Now carried out on Fridays. Weekly for general waste, fortnightly for blue-bin recycles. It is NOT recommended that bags are put out in advance as foxes can spread rubbish widely. Large items will be collected from the lane but ONLY if GCC is contacted to arrange the date.  See “NEWS” for an update on the newly delivered green bins.

Association Dues : These are set currently at £30 per Unit (ie per floor) and are due when prompted by the Treasurer; there is a legal obligation to pay these.

Events : Look out in ‘News’ for the date of the next AGM; all eligible people – see the Constitution –  are encouraged to attend. The dates of the twice yearly Lane clean-up and the annual social event (usually in July) will also be announced in ‘News”.

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